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My Story

As a child, I was always experimenting.  I would stand in front of the kitchen sink and mix different things together to see what would happen.  Lucky for me, it was harmless experimentation and nurtured my love and curiosity about science and technology.  I think I also got that love of seeing how things work from my dad.  He loved electronics and could fix any electronic gadget.   He even built a TV when I was a teenager.  He taught me about tools and I knew their names and their purpose from an early age.  I was his little helper.   I still enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together.  I think this is why I gravitated towards metalsmithing. 

My mom gave me a love of fashion.  She was my role model of what a confident woman looks like.  She didn't dress to please others and didn't look to others for advice on her personal style.  She was her own woman. 

She had an innate sense of what styles looked good on her.  She was never without her favorite strand of pearls, but she could also get funky and wear contemporary styles. She loved art and history.  She could see the beauty in every object.    

Growing up,  I wanted to be a famous runway model and a doctor.  I was almost a Ford model, having met with Eileen Ford herself.  She recommended that I needed to have professional photos taken, and gave me referrals to famous professional photographers.  She had faith in me, unfortunately, I did not.  You see I have a lifelong battle with low self-esteem.  I heard that I wasn't good enough to be a Ford model and I let that wonderful possibility go. Who knows where I would be today had I taken her advice and gotten those photos taken.   Since then, I've learned to push through my moments of low self-esteem to pursue my dreams. 

I did model in the Washington, DC area for a few years while a college student and after graduation.   No, I never became a doctor although I still love medicine and will read through medical studies for fun. 

After stints in retail, Corporate America, and non-profits, I moved into information technology.  I worked in networking, server management, help desk, and finally as a database manager.  I love the flow of technology.  I was able to interest in diagnosis and problem-solving to technical issues.  

I started Candace Stribling Jewelry to design and create one-of-a-kind jewelry for women who love or work in technology.  It allows me to stay connected to my parents, combining their love of science, technology and art. 

My mission is to design beautiful jewelry that reflects your confidence, personal style and lets you stand out and not shrink away from your beauty.  

You are not a carbon copy and neither is your jewelry.  

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