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My Story

I grew up loving science, math, and history.  As a child, I was constantly experimenting, collecting bugs and animals, and trying new things to see what would happen.  

I was not in love with art so much, probably because I felt creatively challenged.  I couldn’t transfer what I imagined onto paper in a way that matched my vision.  However, I did understand the concepts of science and math, so I gravitated towards those subjects in school and college. As I grew older, I finally made the connection between art and science. The division of a cell is just as beautiful as it is life-giving.

I found my calling in jewelry design later in life, after stints in retail, Corporate America, and doing non-profit work.

Jewelry design has given me purpose.  When my elderly father was in failing health and I became more responsible for his care, jewelry design became my anchor and a way to relieve stress.  Nothing is more cathartic as hitting metal against an anvil – it’s my form of stress therapy.   

As a result of my experiences, I became a metalsmith  in 2012 when I took my first class at local arts center in Frederick, Maryland.  Once my hand touched a hammer, fired up a torch, and saw the connections among art, science and technology, I was hooked.   Since then, I’ve taken numerous classes to hone my skills and deliver exceptional jewelry.   

I believe in continual learning, so I study, experiment, and play with my designs in order to craft the perfect piece for your perfect look

If you would like to continue to share your love of science and technology and see how it plays a role in jewelry design, I invite you to subscribe to my email list. 


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