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From Paper to Personal Inspiration



My designs start as a gemstone taped to a piece of paper and sketch around the stone to conceptualize the design.   

gemstones design process

After the design is created, I use tools such as hammers, punches, and dies to form the shapes using recycled sterling silver wire or sheet. I do my own stone setting using thick bezels that I create and set the ethically sourced colored gemstones into them. 

Candace Stribling at microscope setting stones in jewelry

My designs are structural, linear, and contemporary inspired by my love of science as well as architecture, nature, African and abstract objects. When I look at buildings, bridges, or wrought-iron gates, I can the elements that would become a necklace, earrings or a bracelet.


Inspired in large part by the jewelry designs of Art Smith and Winifred Mason, who among the leaders in modernist jewelry movement in the 1940-60s.   In addition, I love contemporary art and you will see modern art influences in my designs.   I  admire the paintings of Mark Rothko's ; and, his use of colors in his paintings and Alexander Calder's use of kinetic art.  I try to interpret both in my designs in my selection of colored gemstones and in designing pieces that have some movement or flow. 


I have been a metalsmith since 2016. I took a basic class at my local arts center in Maryland. Once my hand touched a hammer, fired up a torch, and saw the connections between the creative, science, and technology in metal arts, I was hooked. I am largely self-taught but have been studying with a master goldsmith in Washington, D.C. so that I can refine my skills. I believe in continual learning so I read, experiment, and play with my designs to craft the perfect piece. 

My jewelry has been featured in “Niche Magazine Spring/Summer-Jewelry Now!” (2015); prestigious 1000 Beads Showcase book (2014, Lark Publishing, North Carolina); an article in The Frederick News Post (2014); nominee in the Martha Stewart American Made competition (2014); Mobius Statement Necklace (Natasha) selected for judging at the Boardwalk Art Show, Virginia Beach, VA (2019).