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CSJ -Artist Statement

When you buy something from an artist, you’re buying more than an object.
You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation.
You’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy.
You’re buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart,
A piece of soul…
A small piece of someone else’s life.
Author unknown

I am a fine jewelry artist who creates wearable art

When I design a piece of fine jewelry, it is a culmination of passion, imagination, training, frustration, hours of work, even some screaming and the handy box of bandages. Yes, a bit of cursing is par for the course.  With all that, I love what I do!

At the end, I hope that you’ll see the beauty in my wearable art pieces and want to add them to your personal collection.

Are you tired of purchasing inferior, mass-produced jewelry that isn’t reflective of your individual style? Leaving you feeling frustrated because following the crowd is not your style and giving off the wrong impression is not an option.

When you purchase jewelry from big box stores, do you really know where the jewelry is coming from, who the artist is or what inspired the piece?

Jewelry in most big box stores are made by unknown workers, often in another country, working long hours for very little pay.   The pieces are made in large quantities often with cheap materials and possibly fake stones made from glass or paste.  Jewelry that neither touches you emotionally or intellectually.

At Candace Stribling Jewelry, I make each piece by hand.  I do my own forging, fabricating, sawing, soldering, sanding and polishing. One at a time. Slow crafted. I only use high quality recycled metals and ethically sourced colored gemstones from reputable suppliers.   You can trust that I will give you the best jewelry. 

You want to be seen as a leader with a smart sense of style. In order to do that, you need jewelry that not only looks beautiful but feels like it was made just for you. 

I believe that personal expression defines who you are as a person and that your beauty and your worth deserve to be recognized. I understand how it feels to be viewed as part of the crowd and not as an individual, which is why I create artful jewelry that moves you emotionally, that connects you to your creative soul and exudes your personal style.

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