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About Us


Following in the footsteps of African-American metalsmiths such as Art Smith, Winifred Mason, and many other contemporary jewelry designers, I use traditional and timeless metalsmithing techniques to create my contemporary sterling silver and mixed metal designs. 

I found my calling in jewelry design later in life, after stints in retail, Corporate America, and non-profit work.   I think these experiences have helped me to envision my jewelry in a very structural and linear way.   I am greatly influenced by architecture, nature, African and abstract objects.   I can look at the spires of a building and see a necklace or the spans of a bridge and envision earrings or a bracelet.  My signature shape  is the spiral.  This shape is as old as time and seen in nature as well as art.   It represents life to me.

I have been a metalsmith since 2012.  I took a basic class at my local arts center in Maryland.  Once my hand touched a hammer, fired up a torch, and saw the connections between the creative, science and technology in metal arts, I was hooked.   I am largely self-taught, but am studying with a master goldsmith at JewelryClassDC in Washington, DC so that I can refine my skills.   I believe in continual learning so I read, experiment, and play with my designs in order to craft the perfect piece

My designs are sculptural art jewelry and appeal to the person who expects high quality, unique pieces that accentuate their outer beauty and reflects their inner strength, determination and confidence.    

My jewelry has been featured in “Niche Magazine Spring/Summer-Jewelry Now!” (2015); prestigious 1000 Beads Showcase book (2014, Lark Publishing, North Carolina);  an article in The Frederick News Post (2014);  nominee in the Martha Stewart American Made competition (2014).