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My Process

Metallurgy is the science of the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements. Metalsmithing relies on a knowledge of metallurgy and by the use of tools such as hammers, stakes, saws, and heat transforms it into something beautiful, wearable, and enjoyed by the wearer for generations.

I am a metalsmith, working primarily with Sterling Silver and 14K/18K gold.   I consider myself a jewelry scientist.  My studio is my laboratory.

My work is original, one of a kind or limited edition. I am a one-person shop and my work is individually made and not mass-produced with my heart and soul infused in each piece.

The Inspiration

Mother Nature has given us a treasure trove of natural beauty in stones.   Agates, Jaspers, Opals, Garnets, Amethyst, Topaz, Peridot and who doesn't love the luxury and rareness of Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, and Diamonds.   

I love working with these stones and letting them steer me towards how they want to be adorned and adored.  I place them in settings and designs that show off their uniqueness and transform them into works of art.  

I also love science, technology, and architecture.  My favorite shapes are geometric - triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares.  These shapes are precise, angular, and look great on everyone.   I am always looking up at the sky, buildings, and contemporary art to find my inspiration for my designs.

The Process 

Each pieces starts as a stone or gemstone taped to a piece of paper.  I then play with an inspiration or concept that is floating around in my head and sketch out what the metal design should be that holds this precious stone.  It is my form of conception, birth, and nurturing.  

Once I have a good concept of the design, I use recycled metals in Sterling Silver, 14K or 18K gold in wire or sheet.  I use tools like a jewelry saw to cut the wire to the desired size then use hammers to forge, form, and fabricate it into the shape I need.  I heat to join the components together.   I love playing with fire!  After the component is assembled and soldered, I then sand, sand, and sand to remove marks and scratches.  I use hand tools and machines.  I do my own stone setting and finally, polish the piece.  I love applying textures and doing brush finishes to the metal.  I think it gives it a contemporary look.


My Mission

My designs are loved by women who love the technical aspects that go into each design and making of jewelry, but also love the end result- a beautiful piece of jewelry that celebrates their confidence, independence, intelligence.

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