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About CSJ

I am always looking up.

For me, everyday objects that others might pass by inspire me to capture something new in a piece of jewelry.  I am always looking at bridges, the rafters of a building, nature, and architecture. In them, I see the potential for a necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring and use the science of metallurgy and technology to bring them to life. 

I design for women who see beauty in geometry, science and architecture.  Women who enjoy contemporary, minimalist jewelry that allows them to look and  feel phenomenal.  

 Women who are:

  • intelligent, creative, and have beauty within
  • innovative and problem solvers


  • Have a sense of style and know how to accentuate your individuality

You are phenomenal! 

It is a natural progression for me as someone who has worked in information technology to combine my love of science and technology with jewelry design.  I share with you a love of process, precision, experimentation, discovery and an unending passion to learn. 

Candace Stribling Jewelry designs are geometric, contemporary, and minimalist.  Each piece can easily go from work to play, to an evening on the town. With these eye-catching designs, you will express your individual style, strength and grace.  Each piece is created using recycled metals, ethically sourced gemstones and the highest standards in craftsmanship. 

Whether you are looking for a simple, elegant necklace, pair of earrings,bracelet to wear every day or a bold piece that makes a statement for an evening out on the town; Candace Stribling Jewelry has the right jewelry for every occasion. 

Each finished piece of jewelry comes packaged in a custom gift box or pouch with jewelry care instructions so that your treasured piece will remain beautiful for years to come.  

Next time you’re out and about, join me in looking at everyday objects in a new way and imagining your next piece of jewelry!

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If you would like to continue to share your love of science and technology and see how it plays a role in jewelry design, I invite you to subscribe to my email list. 

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